Imagine being able to swipe and gesture with one's fingers on a touch screen to easily and quickly write electronic notes into medical records. (See The Solution)

No longer would completing medical notes be cumbersome and a major bottleneck in Healthcare as it is today. (See The Problem)


Click It Notes will be a game-changer. It is to be built on a flexible open-source platform with a framework designed to empower medical specialist and practitioners on a Blockchain so to create their medical notes in their terms, quickly and easily, in their style but standardized and secure. Visual feedback for levels-of-care, insurance and risks assessments will provide great value to physicians, nurses, patients and administrators.

An Add-On

The app we’re building will be a plug-in, so it then can be easily inserted into any installed EHR (Electronic Health Records) system. This app will be extremely useful for cost-savings and quality assurance purposes by hospitals and clinics.


Notes will be quickly created by touching pre-populated words and phrases, to assemble the language. It is a new TEXT assembly language or methodology. Where and how the phrase or words are touched or clicked on will result in language variations. Click It Notes will enhance medical reporting accuracy, reduce costs and optimize doctor-patient interaction, improving overall health care in general. (See Innovation)