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transparent-click-it-notes_steroidsThe idea behind Click It Notes stemmed from a custom software development project by Click It Labsfor creating what amounted to being essentially a new EHR by an emergency room physician.In combination with other emerging technologies, extracted from this initial concept (which undesirably would have been like “reinventing the wheel”), was the germ of a much bigger idea; one which has immediate benefits without developing an entirely new system. Instead, by simply developing this new methodology for creating medical notes rapidly and accurately, a major bottleneck currently in healthcare will be solved. To describe this new note-writing methodology, the term “rapid language (or text) assembly technology” was coined.

In 2015, a new venture called Click It Notes, Inc. was formed to set out to develop the software framework of this exciting new technology, the target market being the medical industry as an add-on software solution. So, the application will simply be a plug-in that works cohesively with existing, universally accepted EHR systems. In February, 2016, it was decided to change the name of the company to Click IT Medical, Inc., with Click IT Notes the company’s first product under development.

While the product Click IT Notes continues to evolve and get traction while still under development, the busis looking to raise additional seed capital while gaining patent protection.

Who We Really Are

Albert L. Harlow, Jr.We’re really just a bunch a geek-heads in Ohio, who love developing really innovative products that solve world problems. Contact us or meet us at our shop in the Village of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. We also can fix your computer or take care of your network, since we are part of the family of companies and services under The Click IT Group brand. Our group is led by Al Harlow, an Entrepreneur and President of Click IT.



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