The solution will be fluid, flexible, facile, and fast. Click It Notes will be a 100% physician-collaborated product, accommodating any input modality, and optimizing more than any other system's point-and-click options (which permit modification by other modalities – voice, handwriting or keyboard).

It will make bedside recording feasible in the on-the-fly process of molding a coherent picture out of an often less than coherent evaluation. (IMPORTANT ASIDE: Experience has shown that voice cannot be used at the bedside.) The target customers are the practitioners themselves – using hardware that they in many cases already possess but in any event can easily afford – their scribes, companies that employ practitioners/scribes, and the institutions where they work. Equally important, Click It Notes will not require cooperation from the target information system and often can remain independent of the need for and attention of IT departments.

Click It Notes will be a plug-in application, and will work in compliment to the installed EHR systems; to enable the creation of accurate and informative notes rapidly.

Click It Notes will enable the creation of medical notes in a fraction of the time, with accuracy and tracking controls no other system currently offers. Patent protection is being sought, and when introduced to the medical marketplace, Click It Notes will be the fastest, most fluid and flexible means for creating medical notes available.

Click It Notes envisions providing a simple means to easily record (electronically) the encounter between doctors and their patients quickly, where most of the note taking can happen on the spot instead of after the visit.