Click It Notes will change how physicians enter their medical notes into their Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, such as Epic or AllScripts, for example. Utilizing an iPad or tablet computer,Click It Notes will be based on a new methodology in creating notes relevant to a medical specialty or application.  Instead of typing, writing, speaking or selecting radio buttons, Click It Notes will use mainly gesturing on phrases and terms using a touch-sensitive screen to create a doctor's written thoughts of the subject matter or "specialty" in mind. It is a much simpler technique and enables the creation of content that’s dynamic.

Click It Notes rapid text generator for the iPad or a tablet computer will let doctors create their notes easily, in their own terms. It not only will save time compared to current methods, but it also will increase accuracy, reduce reporting errors, reduce frustration, increase efficiency, track reimbursement levels, minimize risks and improve overall the quality of patient care.

Key benefits will include:

  • Optimize physician's time, maximizes efficiency and lowers costs.
  • Maximize reimbursement with a “Level of Care Display Meter”.
  • Minimize risks with “Input Tracking Meter”.
  • Allow for the easy insertion of the created report into any existing EHR system.

Overall, Click It Notes will improve the interaction between doctor and patient, thus improving the quality of patient care, while lowering the expense of providing it.

More specific benefits broken down by group:

With many unique features, Click It Notes will provide many tangible (and some intangible) benefits.


  • ...improve level of care: provides physician with instantaneous level-of-care feedback;
  • ...also get to spend more time with patients while also seeing a higher frequency of patients;
  • ...application and its "language assembly engine" is built for immediate and intuitive use by doctors that is easy to implement -- minimizing frustration in composing reports and ultimately enabling greater accuracy and detail.


  • ...receive more attention from the doctor: eye-contact, makes hospitals more nurturing environments;
  • ...are beneficiaries of higher quality reports endowed with improved accuracy and detail.

Hospital Institutions, Clinics and Private Practices:

  • ...will receive the benefits associated with cost reduction;
  • ...it will save hospital systems money in many ways:
    • higher volume equals higher revenues.
    • higher accuracy renders less difficulty upon the scrutiny of the insurance auditor results in greater cash flow.
    • insurance benefits to doctors and hospitals by dynamic visual indicators will increase accuracy and detail, while decreasing the margin for error by users. This minimizes insurance risk and increases revenues.
    • the rate at which insurance auditors accept the level of care reported by institutions is dramatically improved. This also increases revenue and improves projections and predictability.
  • Practitioners using Click It Notes will gain greater autonomy while still fortifying the standardization of medical reporting. Being typists is not what doctors signed-up for or should be doing. By relieving doctors of the clerical morass associated with creating notes electronically, institutional culture will be improved on the whole.
  • Institution will also have the opportunity for favorable public relations via the adoption of Click It Notes.