Bringing the Focus Back to the Patient

Click It Notes revolutionary software application will be able to be used independently on a tablet computer (e.g. Microsoft Surface, Google Droid or Apple iPad).  Then any medical note created, using this unique method for generating electronic content, will be able to be easily inserted into the hospital’s electronic health records (EHR) system, without needing any formal linking or connection.

“This would help bring my focus back to the patient.”

Click It Notes will be an “expert system”, which allows the user to rapidly generate medical notes using its unique “language-assemble engine”.

Click It Notes will enable the fast and easy creation of complex and accurate medical notes simply by touching and gesturing with one’s finger on a computer screen. Click It Notes’ revolutionary way of completing what is now an arduous task using current methodologies, will be very simple to use and learn, and will be able to be run independently.

A Click It Note will not only be completed in a fraction of the time, improving throughput, but it is also imagined that it will be able to keep track of insurance codes and tally billing levels, visually in meter form, for the physician, mid-level, or scribe to see, while easily allowing them to insert their note into the hospital’s current EHR system.

Click It Notes “language assembly engine” technology will be based on information inserted by experts in their administrative area (allowing for the creation of a template for each specialty), so that specific information can be used for their specific application.

Templates for Every Specialty

Each and every Click It Notes template will be comprised of smart phrases, medical terms and templated sentences used to assemble medical notes that are specific to each specialty controlled by user or facility preferences, so the information is highly accurate and tailored to the specialty, organization’s or physicians’ standards.

This methodology is to be used for creating notes as opposed to using other more common means for doing so; mainly “free-texting” or typing on a keyboard or free dictation, speaking into a microphone, both which have drawbacks. Doctors commonly complain, and patients echo the sentiment, that the focus today is more on inputting information and being clerks, rather than attending to patient care.

The most important feature imagined, making Click It Notes unique and useful, is the manner in which it will keep the user rooted in the same screen view. It will be simple to learn and use, it will avoid migrating screens and confusing drop-downs in its design, which are traps indigenous to typical EHR systems.

Click It Notes will save time and facilitate accurate documentation to a higher degree than otherwise possible, supplemented seamlessly, when necessary, by handwriting recognition and voice dictation.