Medical professionals, who were given a live demonstration of a mock-up, reported the following:

“…innovative ‘click or swipe’ … is an outstanding feature accomplished with much greater ease than with the traditional keyboard/mouse systems.”

-Curt Birchall, M.D. – Former ED Chairman, University Hospitals of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH

Intuitive. It allows the user to interface with EPIC directly, providing very detailed notes that are not ‘cookie cutter’.”

-Glenn W. Ray M.D., Chairman of Emergency Medicine, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Boardman Campus, Boardman, OH

“What impressed me most was how user-friendly and fast it was. With a point and click, one can easily navigate the screen options and make changes as one goes along.”

-Ken Latchis, M.D., FACEP, Former ED Chairman, Washington Hospital Center, Washington DC

“Not only is it more efficient and effective at charting, but it is also an immense time-saver, exponentially increasing productivity by decreasing the stress of dealing with technical issues. Personally, I find it to be incredibly user friendly, with easy access to information, along with corrections…”

– Aishwarya Parihar, Scribe with ScribeAmerica